Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cute Desk Organization Ideas!

It's no secret that with a clean and organized desk you can get so much more done. A more organized desk also produces less stress and is more aesthetically pleasing. So whether you're getting ready for finals and want to optimize your studying or you're just looking for that perfect instagram, I've got you covered. Here is a list of my favorite organizational tips and tricks for keeping your desk clean.

My first tip is to find some way to separate your materials so that the counter of your desk can stay as uncluttered as possible. In my case, since my desk doesn't have many drawers, I bought these very inexpensive white shelves from target which I easily attached above my desk. I absolutely love the look of this and it's so easy to add your own personal touches to it if you choose to. If you do not want to install shelves you can also put an organizational cubby in your desk drawers to keep everything straight. Both options helps you eliminate supplies that take up counter space and stress you out and they give your desk a cute and minimalistic vibe.

My second tip is to keep your loose papers and books in a separate place so that everything is easily assessable when you need it and can be put away when you're ready to move on to something else. This tip has helped me tremendously this year and it has forced me to work through each of my assignments completely before moving on to my next project. It's also another excuse to personalize an aspect of your room to fit your personal taste. You can use anything from a large bookshelf to just a small cart that you can find at target to organize your books and papers.

My third and final tip for organizing your desk it to manage your cord situation. This was the most difficult and daunting task for me when organizing my desk because I didn't think there was and permanent solution to the problem. Thankfully, Pinterest saved the day and I got the idea to use my Washi tape to create cute labels for my cord collection. All I did was label the colored Washi tape apply it to the cord and... Voila! Your cord situation is solved. If you don't have Washi tape, any other firm and colored tape will do the trick. 
Thanks for reading and make sure to comment what your favorite tip for organizing your desk is.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Summer Outfits

Summer is so close now and with it comes hotter temperatures and cuter clothes ;). With that in mind here are two of my new favorite outfits I look forward to wearing more in summer. 
Outfit #1 

This outfit is super versatile and can work well for the beach or a nice dinner. I am wearing this Lilly pulitzer dress with my favorite jeans jacket .
Outfit #2

I love this outfit for the summer because it looks cute and preppy while also keeping you cool in the heat. I paired my blue and white Lenore Skirt and my light Pink Shirt together.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Healthy Snack Idea: Yummy Avocado Toast

All you need for this recipe is an Avocado, a Lime, two slices of bread and Vegenaise (Regular Mayo will work just fine).

Begin by cuting open your Avocado. You only need one half of the Avocado for this recipe so you can wrap up the other half for later or toss it in with a salad.
For the next step I like to cut squares into the Avocado and then scoop those out from the peel into a bowl. By cutting the squares, it makes it easier to mash the Avocado together. Once your Avocado is mashed up in the bowl, I add lemon juice, paprika and salt to season it but you can season it how you choose.
Next, lightly coat your bread pieces with vegenaise or mayonnaise.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Rome, Italy (Part 2)

After our busy day exploring many of the historically rich ruins of Rome, it was time to take on Vatican City. Once again our tour started at two so we decided to ride the "hop on, hop off" bus over to the Vatican and look around a bit on our own. Vatican city is an independent state; completely enclosed by walls. (To put it's size into perspective, it covers 110 acres which is about 1/8 the size of Central Park!) With a small population of only 842 people, the tourists in the area were the vast majority when we visited. What surprised me was the Vatican even mints some of it's own coins. Granted euros are still used for all of it's transactions. 

After looking around a while it was time for our tour to begin. We started at the Vatican museum which includes the Sistine Chapel and then moved on to the Basilica. Once again we were able to skip the line which seemed to run on for miles. After climbing the spiral ramp in the Vatican, which was modeled after the ramp in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City, we went out to a balcony over the Vatican gardens. From there we proceeded to the "pine cone courtyard". It's really not hard to decipher why the courtyard is called what it is. There is a large pine cone located at the front of the garden which was removed from an old Roman fountain. In the center of the courtyard there is a statue called "the sphere within a sphere". The statue seemed very familiar to me and I realized I had seen it before when I visited D.C. It turns out the statue is a part of a series located all over the world. The other locations include the Headquarters of the UN in New York; The Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, USA; Trinity College in Dublin; the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C; the de Young Museum in San Francisco, USA ;The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art; the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus and the Tel Aviv University in Israel. I love the idea behind the statues located in important locations all over the world that in these locations there is a another interesting world of it's own. From the Pine cone Courtyard we went to a long hall of ancient statues. Many of these statues depicted mythological gods and goddesses. It was amazing how many statues they were able to recover from ancient times. We followed the crowded path from the hallway through many more rooms of incredible art all the way to the Sistine Chapel. Before we entered the chapel, our tour guide explained to us what all the pictures on the wall depict and told us many interesting stories about the Sistine chapel. When it was time to enter, I was overwhelmed with anticipation. It seemed like I was dreaming as I took in all of the artwork covering the walls and ceilings and I could spend days just admiring it all. 
After what seemed like only a short period of time, we had to carry on to the Basilica, We first saw the Holy door which is sealed shut, only to be opened from within by the Pope. Next we saw  St. Peter’s Bernini BaldachinoPieta St. Peter’s and much more. 
It is incredible how many masterpieces reside in the Basilica. We were also able to go downstairs and see some of the tombs of past popes. It definitely did not feel like 3 hours had gone by when we finished our tour. We were very hungry though so after saying goodbye to our tour guide we went back to our hotel and ate pizza at a little nearby restaurant. I could not imagine a more perfect way to end our exciting adventure in Rome.

Rome, Italy (Part One)

I am very fortunate to have been able to visit Rome for four days. Wow, what an amazing city! The amount of history that has been uncovered as well as the unknown amount of history yet to be discovered is really incredible. Rome is definitely "the eternal city".
I arrived in Rome in the late afternoon and by the time we were checked in to the Hotel it was already about 5 p.m. We decided to take a walk around and explore. Our Hotel was conveniently very close to the Colosseum, and in about 5 minutes we had our first real taste of the city. Even though the Colosseum was under restoration and half of it was covered, the view was breathtaking. Already in tourist mode, I snapped a few pictures as the sun set in the background. 
Displaying IMG_0549.JPG
We found a cute restaurant next to the Colosseum and ate some wonderful dinner. Italian food is delicious! I ate a pasta with a kind of cheese sauce. (SO GOOD), The next day we had some time before we met our tour guide at 2 by the Colosseum.
Displaying IMG_0616.JPG
 We ate a quick breakfast in the hotel and eagerly set out to see more of Rome. We had gotten a 3 day pass for a "hop on, hop off" tour bus and rode the bus a full time around before stopping at Circus Maximus. Circus Maximus was the first Roman chariot racing stadium. Now only ruins remain as it was quarried after the 5th century to build many other Roman buildings. After seeing Circus Maximus, we walked over to the Colosseum to start our tour. Our tour guide was a cute little native of Rome with a vast knowledge of Rome's history. We were able to skip the long lines and immediately enter the Colosseum with our pre-ordered tickets. I definitely think it is worth it to pre-order tickets if you are visiting a huge monument like the Colosseum because the line was very long and would have taken hours. Once inside the Colosseum we climbed the levels one by one. Our tour guide lead us through and explained everything. (*Fun Fact=The events that took place at the Colosseum were completely funded by the emperor. He paid for everything from the tickets to the food. That's some old fashioned propaganda!)

After thoroughly exploring the Colosseum our guide led us to the old Roman Forum. The Forum was the center of Roman life as many important government buildings were located here. We saw the temple of Saturn, the complex of the Vestal Virgins, the  Gemonian stairs and many more sights. The Ruins are magnificent and with a little bit of imagination you can really visualize the buildings as they were in ancient times.

Our tour for that day came to an end as we finished looking at all the ruins. It was a little after five and we were very exhausted after all the sight seeing we had done. We visited another great restaurant near the Colosseum and our hotel. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Celle, Germany

After 11 hours of traveling, I am so happy to have arrived in Germany! Aside from being able to see my family again, I am also reunited with delicious foods, and beautiful, historic scenery. I am currently visiting Celle, a small and charming city along the river banks of the Aller and just outside of Hanover which dates back to 985 AD. Since I arrived in Germany later in the day, I ate some dinner and rested up a little bit.  I was already tired out from the traveling and time change and was ready to get some sleep. 
      The first thing I wanted to do the next day was eat a "spaghetti eis". "Spaghetti Eis" is a delicious German ice cream desert made by squeezing vanilla ice cream through a machine that forms in into the shape of noodles and then placing it over whipped cream and topping it with strawberry sauce and white chocolate flakes which simulate tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. Let me tell you from personal experience, its amazing and you must try it if you visit Germany. Literally every ice cream cafe will have it.
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           After indulging in some  ice cream I strolled through the cute city of Celle. Walking along the cobble-stone path I was surrounded by beautiful adjoining buildings that date back centuries before our own, now filled with cute boutiques and stores and I really felt connected to the past and also strangely centered in the present. As I continued walking along and admiring the beautiful city I became sad when I saw that some one of my favorite ice cream parlors that has been there since my grandparents can remember was now gone and replaced by a "Claire's". I soon saw a couple of other old stores had met the same fate since I last visited and now chain stores were in their place. I guess there are pros and cons of a historic city slowly being modernized over time, and the changing of stores as time progresses is inevitable. This being said it is still sad to see something go that has been loved and shared for generations. 
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          Exploring the old city was very interesting and fun. I could definitely spend days strolling along the rigid cobblestone sidewalks with history everywhere you look. My favorite bit of history in Celle is the Celle Schloss (Celle Castle). This beautiful castle dates back to 1315 and is famous for being the exile location of the danish queen Caroline Matilda, daughter of Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales. Today you can take a super fun and interactive tour through the castle or see a play in the recently renovated theatre. ☺ 
Tomorrow I fly to Rome!!! A blog post for Rome will be up July 4th.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Quote of the Week 6/13/15

"“One time I saw a tiny Joshua tree sapling growing not too far from the old tree. I wanted to dig it up and replant it near our house. I told Mom that I would protect it from the wind and water it every day so that it could grow nice and tall and straight. Mom frowned at me. "You'd be destroying what makes it special," she said. "It's the Joshua tree's struggle that gives it its beauty.”"
-Jeannette Walls